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Jasmine was born January 23, 1985 in Riverside, CA. She is one of nine children and describes being unusually curious about sex at an early age. She enjoyed watching pornography and often fantasized about being a porn star herself. She was also a tomboy and played various sports throughout high school; softball, basketball and soccer. As a teenager she held various customer service jobs, working at a clothing store and hardware store, among other retail stores.Aliases include Jasmine Byrne, Jamine Byrne, Jazmine Byrne, Jasmyn Byrne, and Esmiralda

As a teen, Jasmine Byrne worked many retail jobs including customer service at a clothing store, cashier at a local hardware store and she also worked as a waitress for a while.

In 2004 that all changed when Jasmine started her career in porn. Like many pornstars, it all started when she answered an ad in the local newspaper for an adult modeling casting call. Allegedly Jasmine thought the ad was only for some softcore photo sets and quickly found out if she wanted the work it would have to include plenty of hardcore sex on video. She took some time to make up her mind, but eventually she went for the money and decided to star in her first porn film thanks to porn casting agent T.L. Tycoon, her first porn title was Young Tight Latinas #6 Since that moment Jasmine Byrne has been hard at work fucking and sucking on film while doing all she can to impress her loyal fans in the hope of gaining greater porn popularity. Having starred in 211 movies since 2004, that's an average of 42 full length porn features per year (almost one new fuck film every week for the last five years has Jasmine Byrne getting fucked in it).

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Jasmine Byrne likes to do Anal in her movies, especially with Black Guys. She has done many lesbian, POV, Gang Bang and Group Scenes. She recently figured out her bondage skills, Submissve and Doinant Dised. Since 2006 she has done many Bondage Movies for Kink.com. Jasmine has also been working most famous internet companies such as Bang Bus, Brazzers, Naughty America, PornFidelity ETC. She is very open minded and ready to kinkiest positions. Here is a short interview;

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Jasmine says she's written a movie that spoofs Jennifer Lopez. It will be shot in a month by Jeff Mullen and Adam & Eve and Jasmine will star. "I get married a lot. I'm actually going to be singing in the movie, my own lyrics, my own music."

Luke: "You wrote the script?"

Jasmine: "I have a lot of talent. I wrote my own music. Do you want to hear me sing?"

She imitates Mariah Carey. The resemblance is frightening.

Jasmine: "I'm working on a demo and an album. I'm going to try to crossover.

"I'm going to write a lot of stories about my nightmares... I'll be the next Stephen King."

"I've had a few songs stolen. I heard them on the radio by one-hit wonders."

Luke: "What do you write poems about?"

Jasmine: "The hardships of life. Relationships.

"I want to remake the song Rumors."

"I've had a hard life. My mom left me when I was younger. Everybody who has done something wrong to me it makes me put more feeling into my writing. When I sing it, everybody understands."

Luke: "How does being a porn star affect relationships?"

Jasmine: "It's hard. I would never date someone outside of the industry. Hopefully there's a gentleman out there."

Luke: "Did you lose any friends [because] you entered porn?"

Jasmine, who grew up near Riverside: "Before I was in porn, I didn't have any friends. Everybody hated me. I don't know why. I was a nice girl. I almost got suspended. I almost got expelled. I was always fighting."

Luke: "Have you made friends since you entered porn?"

Jasmine: "Yes, it is easy for me because so many people in the industry have gone through similar things. You can totally relate to each other. You break down walls. I've lost a few friends in this industry too but this is L.A. You've got to expect that."

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Jasmine Byrne With Her Pink Hat Posing For ThirdMovies.com

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